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New 2 oz. and 4 oz. Jars Raw Spirulina as sopd at our farmers markets

2 oz Fresh Spirulina Glass Jars
Raw Frozen Spirulina
10 squares

Raw frozen in Spirulina 1.5 g. Per square. just cut with scissors drop it in your lemon water or simply suck on it like a popsicle and receive over 5 g a Playa face protein must be kept frozen.

10 squares

Our Greenhouse fresh Spirulina is harvest fresh and raw. Completely extracted of all water to keep it compressed and full of all its nutrients .
We relax it in a cold bath and then flash freeze it to give you nothing but raw , unprocessed Spirulina.

Fresh Blue Spirulina (Los Angeles ONLY)
Blue Spirulina

Fresh Blue Spirulina 

*Phycocyanin Cancer Fighting Cell

*Anti Flammatory Enriched

* Cheese Cloth Top to allow Oxidation