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Fresh Spirulina at your local Farmers Market or at your door.Please use the form below to contact us with any questions about our fresh spirulina, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Premium Fresh Spirulina

Green and Blue Spirulina

LA Farmers Markets

To make our spirulina easily accessible, we can be found at various L.A. farmers markets and offer online ordering with convenient farmers market pick up ...

LA Spirulina Farmers

CEO/Founder Sean Simms of West Coast Spiralina, Los Angeles-based business which locally grows Fresh Spirulina and building Spirulina Greenhouses and ...

Central California Coastline

All of our spirulina is locally grown and harvested off the beautiful Coastline of Central California . With us, you're getting nothing but the freshest ...

Spirulina Greenhouses North of Santa Barbara

Our two state of the art Greenhouses produce over 300+ pounds of premium raw, fresh Spirulina weekly to support our farmers market business and serve our ...

All Algae Wellness Products

Come to our newest Certified Farmers MarkeTs throughout Los Angeles to sample the most Neutrient Food Source Products available