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Cheers to Good Health

Cheers to Good Health

Good morning my People ,

       Welcome to West Coast Spiralina 100% Raw Greenhouse Fresh Spirulina. Hydroponically grown in private well water that is analytically, tested with no contaminants, lead, arsenic, or mercury. Pristine, private well water

Central California Coastline , just North of beautiful Santa Barbara is where our fully sustainable Greenhouses are located. Our new state of the art technology Greenhouses . Our custom engineered built Greenhouses are able to produce the highest quality of spirulina on a larger production scale. We will be able to meet your online request and
your Farmers Markets request nearest you.
As Owner/Founder of West Coast Spiralina my mission is to spread/inform/educate of fresh spirulina.   

My goal is to make spirulina the sexiest vegetable . However, my personal mission is to bring spirulina and other super foods and fresh vegetables to the inner cities .  

As a Los Angeles Native I am not only proud to be a Black Business Owner but a proud Black Farmer providing my community of South Los Angeles with Fresh Raw Spirulina.

Inner City Farming Academy coming soon.

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Fresh Spirulina at your local Farmers Market or at your door.Please use the form below to contact us with any questions about our fresh spirulina, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.